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Replacing a redundant stables block in the greenbelt, we obtained planning permission for a new detached house for our client. 


Being located in the greenbelt, the new house needed to be respectful of the scale and massing of the buildings it replaced. Taking this as a design opportunity rather than a constraint, the house was broken into 3 volumes and carefully placed into the topography.


Living accommodation is provided in a single storey pitched roof building, while sleeping spaces are to be housed in their own 2 storey pitched roof building. Each will be clad in timber, and benefit from a fully vaulted pitched roof finished with welsh slate. Linking the two buildings together is a lower scaled link building which will be rendered and finished with a flat sedum roof. 


The construction specification has been developed which will ensure the fabric of the building is highly efficient, with high levels of insulation and airtightness. Central to this is the use of high specification SIPs panels provided by Scotframe coupled with an energy efficient MVHR system. Construction is due to begin on site in the Autumn 2020.





Ascot, Berkshire

Private Client

RIBA Stages 0-7


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